How Fillers Work

The tissue of the skin and subcutaneous tissue is composed of factors including cells, collagen and elastin that is held within a matrix of hyaluronic acid. Pharmaceutical companies have manufactured hyaluronic acid that is injectable and stays in the tissues for months or years. These manufactured substances are known as dermal fillers and also include products made from calcium hydroxylapatite and poly-L-lactic acid.

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Vampire Facial and Fractional Million Makeover

I was attending a conference of expert aesthetic clinicians in London this week and had the opportunity to meet World Expert and Dermapen micro-needling proponent Dr Andrew Christie from Australia.

Carol Macmillan and Dr Andrew Christie discuss Dermapen

We had a fabulous discussion about the treatments we offer our patients and shared ideas to get even better outcomes from Vampire facials using the latest technology, the worlds leading equipment and combining this with our clinical expertise.

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Liquid Nose Job – Who would you trust to do yours?

Who would you trust to do a Liquid Nose Job (AKA Non-surgical rhinoplasty) on you?

Is a non-surgical nose job safe?

We are bombarded these days with beauty-enhancing filler treatments, but are they safe? A non-surgical rhinoplasty or ‘liquid nose job’ is potentially one of the most risky treatments you can undergo so making sure the person doing it has the knowledge and skills to keep you safe is essential.

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HIS (Healthcare Improvement Scotland) Inspection

HIS (Healthcare Improvement Scotland) Inspection report of my clinic

As an experienced doctor, I always aim for the highest standards and clinical outcomes for patients and am continually looking for new scientifically proven ways to improve treatments.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland, HIS, regulates independent hospitals, hospices and clinics. HIS has one purpose – better quality health care for everyone in Scotland.

Their priorities are

  • Enabling people to make informed decisions about their care and treatment.
  • Helping health professionals redesign and continuously improve services.
  • Provide quality assurance that gives people confidence in the services.

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Accreditations & Qualifications


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