How I minimise Bruising

Bruising means ‘down time’ and if you have a hectic work and social life that can be a problem!

Taking arnica homeopathic capulets or cream for a few days before and after a treatment session can minimise bruising and you can obtain these from any chemist.

When I am injecting hyaluronic acid filler, such as Voluma, Volbella or Volift by Allergan, I select the best filler and injection equipment for the area being injected. Injections that need to be deep under the skin and close to bone (say for example to enhance cheek bones) can be done safely using a CANNULA.


A CANNULA used in hyaluronic acid injections is a round-ended needle. Instead of shearing through tissues and blood vessels cutting as it goes like a traditional needle, it pushes blood vessels out of the way without injuring them. The result? No bruising!

Cannulas are especially effective for lip hyaluronic acid fillers to augment lips. Also for jowels and marionette lines beside the mouth. Another advantage is that there is less discomfort.

To have a pain free experience I can numb you completely with a block so having your lips look youthful and harmonised for proportion and size can be done painlessly.

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