Vampire Facial and Fractional Million Makeover

I was attending a conference of expert aesthetic clinicians in London this week and had the opportunity to meet World Expert and Dermapen micro-needling proponent Dr Andrew Christie from Australia.

Carol Macmillan and Dr Andrew Christie discuss Dermapen

We had a fabulous discussion about the treatments we offer our patients and shared ideas to get even better outcomes from Vampire facials using the latest technology, the worlds leading equipment and combining this with our clinical expertise.

What does Dermapen micro-needling achieve?
As we age we lose collagen. Micro-needling with Dermapen stimulates the cells that make collagen (fibroblasts) to make new GOOD collagen. There are many different kinds of collagen and Dermapen can help with scarring where collagen has formed in a chaotic way resulting in scars. Dermapen can improve the look of scars by diminishing them. The Dermapen can also help with acne and rosacea as well as age spots.

What is a Dermapen micro-needling and why is it superior to dermal rollers?
The Dermapen device has revolutionised skin rejuvenation using micro-needling. The action at the ‘business’ end of the Dermapen device moves rapidly up and down in a vertical action. This means that the needle channels are precise and clinical – dermal rollers on the other hand do not achieve the efficiency of the Dermapen and they also rip the skin as the needles exit so they are less efficient and cause unnecessary skin trauma.

How long does a treatment take?
Treatments using the Dermapen micro-needling combined with PRP (Platelet rich plasma) take approximately 30 minutes depending on what areas are treated. Afterwards your face has a pink glow and a sheen from the PRP.

Why Does Dr Andrew Christie call it the Fractional Million Makeover?
The device used for Dermapen micro-needling works at incredible speeds to microscopically puncture the skin and induce rejuvenation and healing. In fact, it is so fast that more than 1000 microscopic needle punctures are created every second. This means that over the duration of an average treatment more than a MILLION tiny needle punctures are made at various depths in your skin, carrying the PRP directly to where its needed – by the fibroblasts.

What can be treated with a Vampire facial using the Dermapen microneedling device?
The applications for Dermapen micro-needling combined with PRP (Platelet rich plasma) are increasing all the time. Originally and still most popular is skin rejuvenation. Newer uses include treatment of scars, age spots, alopecia, early baldness and hair thinning, rosacea, vitiligo, and brilliant news for younger people – it works for acne!

How can the Vampire technique for microneedling improve scars?
A scar is formed from collagen as the body repairs itself. There are many types of collagen and the type that usually forms scars in our skin is a weak type 3 collagen that over months transforms into a stronger type 1 collagen – but we are left with a visible scar because the collagen is not ordered and therefore not as strong.

What scars respond to Dermapen micro-needling?
Many of us put up with scars because until recently there has been little in the way of treatment options. Dermapen micro-needling combined with PRP (Platelet rich plasma) can flatten raised scars and improve the colour of scars. This includes stretch marks, surgical scars including Caesarian section scars and keloid scars such as chest scars from heart surgery. Not only that but Dermapen micro-needling combined with PRP can improve acne scaring. What a break through!

Rosacea can be improved with the Dermapen – how does this happen?
We don’t know exactly what causes rosacea but thanks to Dermapen micro-needling rosacea can now be treated in a natural way. The proliferation of blood vessels cause a blush on the cheeks and this can spread to other areas of the face causing pain, spots and social discomfort. This inflammation can be controlled and reversed using Dermapen micro-needling as part of a treatment package of diet, vitamins and facial medication. The results , especially when using PRP (platelet rich plasma) can be life changing.

Can my acne be treated with Dermapen micro-needling?
In a word – YES! Acne can be dramatically ‘turned off‘ with the Dermapen. The micro channels help oxygen get deep into the follicles which helps eradicate bacteria that cause the acne. Not only this but the micro-needling improved acne scarring at the same time, diminishing all types of scars from ice-pick, to boxcar, to rolling to keloid. Chicken pox scars also respond to this treatment.

What do I think?
So my time with Dr Andrew Christie proved to me that the Dermapen micro-needling device used in conjunction with PRP to give a Vampire facial is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the skin by encouraging new collagen formation to smooth lines and colour blemishes, improve scars and give a luminosity to the skin that rejuvenates and lasts. Please contact me for a consultation.

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