Beauty enhancing cosmetic treatments and injections for both men and women

Dr Carol Macmillan

Dr Carol Macmillan, a highly qualified Hospital Consultant registered with Health Improvement Scotland (HIS), provides expert individual advice on how your beauty may be rejuvenated using non-surgical cosmetic treatments. With skilled care, advanced cosmetic treatment techniques can reduce wrinkles, prevent lines developing, accentuate your cheek bone and lip definition, improve the volume of your lips, and lift your cheeks and eyebrows, all giving you a refreshed, less tired, revitalised appearance.

You can be confident your consultation and therapy will be tailored for you. With unrivaled experience and qualifications, Dr Carol Macmillan offers the most professional, safe and comprehensive service, including treatment for –

  • Forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and cheek wrinkles
  • ‘Gummy’ smile correction
  • Eyebrow lift (chemical brow lift)
  • Correction of down-turned mouth corners botox
  • Perioral lines (smokers/sun damage lines above lip)
  • Neck ‘Platysmal’ bands
  • Enhance lips and cheekbones
  • Sweat cessation
  • Tread Veins on legs and face
  • Non-surgical nose job – correction of nose deformity

Look Fabulous

Look younger, slimmer, feminine & attractive

Stop looking tired, angry, saggy & sad

Cosmetic treatment includes injections of the well-known muscle relaxant Botox, and use of beauty treatments by Allergan including Voluma, Volbella, Volift and Juvederm.