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The art of facial rejuvenation has changed dramatically over the last decade, evolving from the isolated treatment of superficial wrinkles (rhytides) to an approach that focuses on revolumization and skin quality. This is largely due to a more complete understanding of the changes to bone and soft tissue that occur in the aging face. Expertly injected filler can lift and re-shape your face to take away tired eyes, reform youthful cheeks and soften heavy nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Using a starting point of subtlety, cannulas deliver the filler with less swelling and bruising than needles. In the right hands filler treatment is safe. Always ask your practitioner how much experience they have. They should have more than 100 treatments to each area of the face you are having treated and have the knowledge, skills and medication to recognise and treat complications.

Liquid Face Lift

Yes it really is possible to take years off your appearance to give you a more youthful look that your friends notice but just can’t tell how you’ve achieved it! Using hyaluronic acid fillers I can replace lost volume, lift the cheeks and heavy nasolabial folds, improve the vitality around your eyes and smooth out peri-oral lines. Rejuvenating the lower part of the face by straightening the jowls, improving marionette contours and turning up the mouth corners can take years off your appearance. Combining the different properties of the Juvederm range – Voluma™, Volift™ and Volbella™- expertly injected with minimum down time will give you a youthful look without the saggy, angry, tired appearance many of us develop as we age. I usually carry out this procedure over 2 or 3 treatment sessions to enhance in a subtle and safe way.


Enhanced lips radiate beauty and youthfulness. For younger women improving volume and shape is easily done and for those of us who are looking for a subtle improvement in lip shape, volume, symmetry and proportion then lip fillers using Volbella and Volift are ideal. These top of the range fillers are very safe and effective for a natural look. My aim is to enhance your lips to make you look youthful and vibrant in a way that uses your natural shape and curves, and restores proportion to your lips.

Down-Turned Mouth

You no longer need to put up with being ‘down in the mouth’. Correction using a small amount of filler such as Volift or Voluma can help you look happier and reverse the ageing appearance of down-turned oral commissures (mouth corners). It can also improve sore, unsightly inflammation at the corners of the mouth too!

Sore Mouth Corners

Many people suffer from raw sore areas at the corner of the mouth – angular stomatitis. These can be helped to heal using filler to expose the wet area to the air. It is often a problem for people with false teeth, but can also affect younger people.

Smokers Lines

Ageing lines of the lips make you look weather beaten and older than your years. So why not do something about it? Fillers, when expertly injected, can make improvements in subtle, complementary ways without making you look like you have had treatment. It may take more than one treatment but the results can be life changing.

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