Chemical Peel

Refresh your complexion and enhance skin quality with a chemical peel. The Obagi Blue Chemical Peel is a superb way to improve the luminosity of your skin, giving a youthful glow.

Chemical Peels are designed to gently remove dead skin cells from the epidermis and expose the vibrant healthy skin below. This also helps stimulate the fibroblast cells in the dermis to make new collagen and elastin which helps to maintain a youthful depth of skin resistant to fine wrinkles.

The Chemical Peel I use is specifically formulated for all skin types so can improve your whole complexion even if you have some areas on your face with dry skin and other areas of oily skin. and designed to have virtually no down time. There may be slight dryness of the skin for a week or so but with regular moisturising this is not a problem.

The Chemical Peel takes about 20 minutes to do, layering the product over the skin. The initial heat of the peel subsides over a minute or two and after the procedure is complete moisturising sun screen cools and nourishes the epidermis.

Aftercare is very simple – use a high factor (SPF 25 and above) sun cream during the day and your usual moisturiser at night. The Chemical Peel will show an improvement in your complexion within a few days. Youthful luminosity and glow.

I often combine a Chemical Peel with Dermapen microneedling to boost results and obtain an enduring effect. It’s a great way to invest in your face to counteract ageing.

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